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The mobile Internet will become the trend of car configuration

The reporter learned from China Unicom, Great Wall Motor, China Unicom recently to join hands to promote the WCDMA and other information and communication technology applications in the field of automotive information services, for example, to carry out security, remote diagnostics and rescue, positioning, video, call center. China Telecom, in cooperation with the Shanghai Automotive, push “OK InteCare wing pass, the Internet of Things technology, cloud computing, 3G technology integration for school buses and other commercial vehicles. CTMS data statistics, according to research firm, the vehicle information system auto market last year for one million, expected market size will reach 16 million in 2015.

PC chips, AMD competition, cell phone chip also has a strong competitor of Qualcomm, MTK chip big brother Intel My life is not comfortable. However, it turned to the automotive sector, perhaps a wide net of a good strategy. Tang Diman, vice president of Intel Architecture Division, said: “technology and cars are an integral part of daily life, through a combination of both, we achieve a truly interconnected mobile lifestyle.” And Nissan will 2013 began to use the Intel Atom processor

When the damage to your car in the parking lot, using the vehicle’s network connection, camera and sensor, can notify owners of smart phones. In addition, the use of Near Field Communication or bar code will be smart phones paired with the vehicle safety, will allow smart phones to become a virtual key, remote keyless control.

The same hard work of the domestic automotive electronics Skyworth has also announced the first to publish the panorama parking systems, four electronic eye to help the owners to see the parking environment of 360 °. The system utilizes distortion correction, virtual bird’s eye view transform, image stitching technology, spliced into a complete picture of the situation surrounding the vehicle visually displayed on the display, allowing the driver to see blind spots around the front and rear.

 “When you drive a car, in front of the phone for your voice navigation, broadcast traffic. If a call comes in, directly attached to the overhead equipment, a little loud you can talk freely and at other times, the phone’s music via wireless connected-car surround sound playback. One X-phone launched by HTC last month with the car perfect match so that drivers, navigation, call, listen to music the same is not missed. It is reported that similar to the phone, “one-stop car service is rare, but prompt attention.

The same cross-border Baidu. Auto show in Beijing on April 26, Baidu and Hyundai Motor announced that it launched an in-depth cooperation, common car voice services product development and operations. Hyundai Motor will introduce Baidu in Chinese speech recognition, Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality.massive data processing technology, the interior of the vehicle information system to provide convenient Web search, restaurants, attractions and other destination location search service. Previously, Baidu has reached a similar cooperation with BMW.

 With the vehicle information system support, car linked to the Internet to become possible. Although this networked automobile belonging to the ascendantFind Article, but sooner or later one day lead to the fruition. KPMG director of the automotive industry MathieuMeyer made a special author pointed out that the digital revolution of the car will be even more spectacular.

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