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The Smart Snoring Solution

I want to share with you the Smart snoring solution
that you can use to help fix this problem. This is an issue that people
seem to suffer from most of their life. It is also highly probable if
your parents snored that you will do it to. I think it is sad that so
many people have this problem, yet never seek out a solution for it. It
seems like people don’t even want to invest the time to fix a
relatively easy problem. They would rather live their lives with a
spouse that has to listen to this all night every night. That is why
I’m going to show you the Smart snoring solution.

what is happening is key to fixing it. Essentially the sound that you
hear is produced by vibrating loose tissue in your throat. As you
breathe in, any tissue in the airway will end of moving. This is true
for any breathing, but when you are asleep you have less support of the
jaw and that leads to the throat being much more constricted than
usual. It is this particular reason that leads to the root cause of the

The Smart snoring solution is a simple chinstrap. What
this device will do is give your jaw the support it needs while you’re
asleep. Since it will hold up the jawScience Articles, it will take a lot of the
pressure off your throat area. This will inevitably reduce the amount
of vibration that you experience. Hence it cures for snoring.

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Tailor Made Enterprise Apps Helping Business Owners


The growing trend of smart phones has made every entrepreneur to own a smart phone or a tablet. This suggests that the importance of mobile technology is getting recognition far beyond just consumers use. According to the experts, customized enterprise applications developed to meet specific demands of the users are more helpful for business owners in increasing sales and productivity of the businesses. The Yankee group conducted Anywhere Enterprise–Large: U.S. Mobility and Applications Survey in 2010, which showed that how custom enterprise mobile apps are boosting the sales. This survey revealed that custom made apps increase the accuracy of business forecasts. They assisted in increasing field selling time and win rates by more than 25 percent. They helped business owners to experience reduced call costs, administrative time and shorter sales cycle by 23 percent. Experts say that the increase in sales that business owners can experience through customized enterprise mobile app is not possible to achieve with free apps or apps purchased from various app stores. Custom made mobile apps for business owners are also found linked with increasing productivity and collaboration. According to the data collected by Business Week, Forrester, ABI Research and various other research firms, 42 percent business owners’ deployed tailor made mobile apps with the motive of increasing productivity. Fifty-nine percent small and medium sized business owners confessed the same reason behind using tailor mobile apps. Through this data, it is clearly evident that businesses owners of all sizes believe that tailor made apps are highly assistive in increasing productivity. However, the increase in production can only be achieved after knowing what future holds for mobile technology, as it will allow business owners to implement a sustainable plan of action. Many other studies have also revealed that the future of enterprises lies in customized mobile apps. A review of the survey conducted by the Harvard Business School indicates that 58 percent of all mobile apps deployed with enterprises are already custom made. They have been using these apps to connect to various departments, increase sales, improve customer services and for various other purposes. This number is expected to grow exponentially in coming years. This study conducted by the Harvard Business School further reveals that enterprise mobile apps will play a major role in determining the success of many businesses. It further says that this transformation will be experienced soon as the technology is taking a turn very swiftly.Another research giant Gartner has great news in this connection. It says that business owners will not only adopt customized tailor apps to improve business functions and operations but also, most of them will own their custom-made app stores by 2017. They will use these stores for keeping only the apps that will help them in increasing the efficiency of the business and take revenue to soaring heights. App stores will allow business owners and employees to download only task-based or position-based applications without any hassle. CONCLUSION We studied above how the world of app is growing at a swift pace and seeing this pace, we can assume that there are no assigns of it slowing down in the future. Thus, it is the best time for business owners to take full advantage of the custom made enterprise apps and lead the competition in their respective niche. By now, if you have made up your mind to get a custom-made enterprise app for your business, feel free to contact Copper Mobile as we specialize in tailoring apps according to the specifications and requirements of every individual client. Source: Free Articles from

One of the world renowned enterprise apps development company has a team of experienced mobile app developers Dallas taking care of mobility needs of enterprises worldwide. It is one of the best iPhone app development Dallas companies.

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How to secure your Data in iPhone

iPhones are most popular smart phones on the
market, however, with every smart phone, there is no built in file security
that can protect your files from being copied or tampered, Folder Lock for iPhone
can eliminate such risks.

If you were in grade school in the mid 1990’s, it
wouldn’t be hard for you to remember how popular MAC computers were back then.
MAC computers were well preferred over Microsoft windows based software, because
of their user-friendly operating system. However, in the late 1990’s windows PC
became more popular than the MAC. Nevertheless, when Apple announced the
release of the iPhone, people had high expectations; the iPhone was a new
revolution that had re-defined the standards of how a cell phone should be, in
fact it became so popular that Apple has sold over 100 million phones since its
launch in 2007. So how did the iPhone become so popular? First of all, don’t
forget that the iPhone is manufactured by Apple Inc. Apple has managed to
established an excellent reputation over the past decade, because Apple had a
history of being able to deliver what the average consumer is looking for.
Second reason: Steve Jobs was an icon for many people; time after time, Jobs
had been rated the best CEO in the technology industry and met the expectations
of his followers by delivering innovative products. Third Reason: touch
screens; although touch screen technology was already in the market, it was
pathetic. Apple managed to perfect this technology and utilize it in its iPhone.
The result, a touch screen phone that feels so natural, people immediately
became use to the idea of using it. Third reason: elimination of the physical
keyboard; Jobs held the belief that keyboards are relics and the future lies in
touch technology, as a result, Jobs took the gamble of eliminating the physical
keyboard from the iPhone and it paid off.

Even today the iPhone is at the top, despite the
fact that Apple’s competitors are coming out with cheaper alternatives, similar
to the iPhone, such as Android and Windows phones. Nonetheless, like all other
mobile devices, iPhones do not have built in file security software which means
that your personal files and images can be accessed by anyone who has physical
access to your iPhone. Imagine if your iPhone gets lost and you had stored
personal information such as credit card numbers on your iPhone, to add insult
to injury, an identity thieve discovers your phone. He takes your phone home
and starts searching for personal information on you. He finds your detailed
credit card information stored on your iPhone, naturally, he charges up
thousands of dollars, until it’s too late. Right about now, you’ll be telling
yourself, that’s never going to happen with me; conversely, you couldn’t be
more wrong. The question is not if you will become victim of ID theftScience Articles, it’s a
question of when and where. Now might be shaking in your boots just thinking
about what can happen with your personal information and might be contemplating
the idea of deleting your personal information before something bad happens to
you. Stop. There is a solution that enables you to protect your personal files
on your iPhone; you can lock files in iPhone using file security software such as Folder Lock for iPhone. It is
also one of the most trusted file security products on the market according to
reviews and consumer feedback. You can download Folder Lock simply by searching
for it on Google.


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Smart, Intelligent, and Very Well Connected Buildings


For many in the tech industry, Geoffrey Moore’s adoption curve is the go-to graphic for attempting to understand and/or explain the rate at which new ideas are adopted. Moore began with Everett Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations Theory and added the concept of a chasm to the adoption curve.Rogers believed that any new idea went through five basic steps of human acceptance: 1) Innovators, 2) Early Adopters, 3) Early Majority, 4) Late Majority and 5) Laggards. Moore added the idea that there is a Chasm in the middle of the early adopter stage which must be crossed or jumped in order for an idea to fully take hold. Basically, a series of events happens at a certain point in time that allows an idea to jump the chasm and become accepted by the mainstream. When applied to this model, every new idea from the first portable computer to cloud computing, and now smart buildings, seems to align with this principle.The commercial, corporate, institutional and government real estate industry has had its own set of progressive, chasm jumping ideas. At conferences over the last 15 years, ideas such as Google Earth (Keyhole), web enabled property management systems, tablets, integrated platforms, centralized CRM and many other ideas move from innovator to early majority status. After a while, you no longer become frustrated with the markets’ hesitancy, you simply wait for the chasm jump and then watch a good idea take off.We are witnessing yet another jump in the phenomena of smart, connected, high performance, intelligent buildings. Not the Building Management Systems (BMS) of the past, but rather the open architected, integrated, interoperable and IP centric networked smart buildings of the future. The idea of IP enabling every electro-mechanical device in a smart building, attaching it to a network, extracting valuable data, controlling it remotely, automating the associated processes and driving extraordinary efficiency in both operations and energy makes a great deal of sense. However, even great ideas need to go through the adoption process.The journey began in April of 2002 when an Advisory titled “Network Appliances – Connecting Buildings and Processes to the Net” was published. The Advisory detailed how the authors applied the logic associated with computer networks to the intricacies of the systems found in buildings, then proceeded to the early adopter stage when three to five sophisticated commercial real estate firms took the leap. Those Early Adopters put hundreds of buildings on IP networks, created command and control centers and led the way, figuring out how it all worked from both a technical and business perspective. Two years ago, two very large and influential organizations, Microsoft and GSA/PBS, made a commitment to this new way of managing buildings and set out to change their approach. Over the last 18 months, they have been working hard on their strategies and the early results are extraordinary. Microsoft is retrieving 500M data points each day from their Redmond Campus and GSA/PBS is nearing its goal of having 50 smart buildings connected and data flowing. We started to jump the chasm somewhere within the last 12 months. It is anyone’s guess as to where we are; at the jump edge, in the middle, or close to landing on the other side. In an informal survey last summer, a dozen professionals deeply embedded in this new industry were asked where they thought we were, and almost all agreed that we have jumped. This means that the early adopters have done their job and begun to prove the idea of the smart building on a bigger scale; and that many others are watching them and getting ready to make decisions to also embrace this new generation of smart buildings.The number of people reporting that they have now embraced the idea of connected smart buildings has grown significantly. Organizations that only a few years ago paid little attention to this concept are now embracing the idea in an aggressive manner. This increased level of activity would suggest that we have in fact jumped the chasm.Going forward, the number of real estate organizations who adopt this idea of network connected smart buildings in order to drive extraordinary efficiency and increased revenue potential will only increase. With the level of success the early adopters have realized it is hard to believe in a reverse course at this point in time. It is similar to the move from mini-computers to local area networks. At first it was slow, then the speed of adoption increased, then everyone was doing it and it became the new normal.While there is plenty of work to do and an incredible amount of business process re-engineering ahead, it seems that the methods we use to manage buildings will never be the same. It is new, difficult, challenging and sometimes very confusing for those who have been operating buildings for a long time; however, the benefits of implementing this new smart building concept for managing buildings is well worth the effort.

Source: Free Articles from

Jim Young is the co-founder and CEO of Realcomm, the commercial real estate leader in technology, automated business solutions and intelligent buildings. For more information on commercial building automation and efficiency, please go to

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The Gift Insider Shares Gift Ideas With TipsOnTV Blog

The Gift Insider Shares Gift Ideas With TipsOnTV Blog

Press Release

updated: Nov 27, 2020 10:54 EST

Lindsay Roberts of has some advice for gifts that family and friends will love!


Omaha Steaks is dedicated to delivering experiences that bring people together, and this year is no exception. Whether gathering in-person or celebrating virtually, Omaha Steaks offers the perfect options to make gift-giving easy and hassle-free. America’s Original Butcher, a fifth-generation, family-owned American tradition that’s been focused on providing the finest in premium, grain-fed beef and gourmet foods for over 100 years. They offer full meal packages and gifts that are delicious, easy to prepare and delivered right to the doorstep. Their Tasteful Gift Package features their new Butcher’s Cut Top Sirloins. Ordering is easy — or visit one of their 50+ retail stores across the country.


For more than 50 years, Audio-Technica has been dedicated to producing high-quality, innovative products, including ATH-CK3TW truly wireless, in-ear headphones. With an ultra-compact design, they’re ready to go whenever and wherever, empowering “explore and connect.” The really cool thing about these headphones is that they automatically power on and off when they’re taken in and out of the charging case. Also, they can detect when they are taken out of the ears and automatically pause the audio. When they are put back in the ears they start playing again; never miss a beat! Visit


Take advantage of ecobee Haven Home Security. Forget about false alarms and experience a truly smart home monitoring system designed to keep people connected when it counts. It is smart enough to know who’s at home and who’s away. No worrying about anyone accidentally setting off the alarm or forgetting to turn it on as they head out the door; ecobee takes care of that by sending phone notifications. Great for checking in on home or kids, with the ecobee SmartCamera, see what’s happening live. In celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ecobee is offering a ton of deals. From November 19 to December 1, ecobee Haven Home Security is on sale for $199. It includes a SmartCamera + 2x SmartSensors for doors and windows + 2x SmartSensors for indoor motion detection, and with $80 off, it’s a deal. Visit,


Facebook’s BuyBlack Friday Gift Guide is perfect for people on anyone’s gift list. For skincare gifts, one suggestion is the Turmeric Botanical Bar, available at Redoux NYC. It’s good for all skin types and contains vegan and all-natural ingredients. Shopping for someone that loves scents of apples, sandalwood and amber? Give them the Love Jones Candle, available at Maryland-based Freres Branchiaux. There are also these gorgeous St. Margaret Tassel Earrings from The Tiny Tassel in South Carolina. What’s great is that all of these shops are black-owned small businesses that are a part of Facebook’s BuyBlack Friday campaign to bring awareness and support to black-owned businesses. Visit,

Source: TipOnTV

Published at Fri, 27 Nov 2020 15:54:00 +0000

Studying the community, developing a smart city policy, and engaging the community by encouragement of e-gov initiatives are the three major factors associated with smart city development.

The ability to integrate multiple technological solutions in a proper manner to manage the city’s and the sources available in it which includes, local departments information systems, schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals, power plants, law enforcement, and other community services is called as smart city. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are used to develop quality, performance and mutual activities of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption and to improve contact between citizens and government.

Rising migration from rural to urban areas is expected to increase growth of this industry. Additionally, increasing popularity towards the green infrastructure and rising energy awareness helps to drive the smart cities market.

Get Sample Research Report at :

The report covers forecast and analysis for the smart cities market on a global and regional level. The study provides historic data of 2014 along with a forecast from 2014 to 2020 based on revenue (USD Billion). The report also offers detailed competitive landscape of the global smart cities market. It includes company market share analysis, product portfolio of the major industry participants. The report provides detailed segmentation of the smart cities market based on application segment and region. Smart homes, smart buildings, smart energy management, smart industrial management, smart healthcare, smart transportation, smart security, others (smart education, smart water, management etc.) are application segment of smart cities market. The smart transportation segment was the leading application in 2012.

Major regional segments analyzed in this study include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. This report also provides further bifurcation of region on the country level. Major countries analyzed in this reports are U.S., Germany, France, UK, China, Japan, India, and Brazil. Smart cities market was dominated by North America due to steps taken by the regional governments for reducing the greenhouse gas emission by increasing the use of renewable energy resources. Additionally, due to high residential development demand in China and India, Asia Pacific is expected to exhibit the rapid growth of this market.

Browse the full report at

The report covers detailed competitive outlook including company profiles of the key participants operating in the global market. Key players profiled in the report include Siemens AG, ABB Ltd., IBM Corporation, Hitachi Ltd., Alcatel-Lucent S.A., Honeywell international Inc., Alstom S.A., General Electric Company, Telefonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson, Cisco Systems Inc., Oracle Corporation and others.

The report segments the global smart cities market into:

Global Smart Cities Market: Application Segment Analysis

Global Smart Cities Market: Regional Segment Analysis

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Top tourist places in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is one of the most populated city of California and is the second most populous in United States after the New York. It is often nicked as LA or Land of angles. The city is considered the world center for entertainment, business, banks, companies, casinos, media, international trade, tourism and many other factors. This article will however, only discuss the tourist attractions present in the city. There are numerous tourist attractions in the city which attract the people from all over the world to visit them; hence, a tourist industry contributes immensely to the economy of the city. Some of the most famous and top rated tourist sites are mentioned in the following material.The most top rated tourist attraction is J. Paul Getty Museum, situated some 13.3 miles away from the city. This museum is a heaven for any art lover as the museum is home to the famous paintings of Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne and many other renowned artists. Moreover the six buildings and the gardens around are breathtaking too.The second top rated place in LA is Griffith Observatory that is located at some 5.5 miles from the city center. The main purpose of this observatory is to provide the people with the information related to the astronomy. The third most visited place in the city is Madame Tussauds Hollywood. This place has the life size, wax figures of all the famous Hollywood stars so that the fans can take picture with them. It is at the distance of 6.5 miles from the city center and is a major source of attraction for adults and kids alike, as everyone is a fan of someone. United Studios Hollywood is ranked fourth among the tourists, as it is present in the heart of the Hollywood and it offers different kind of exciting rides and along with that you also get to take a tour of all the famous studios. Coming in at the fifth place is Griffith Park. It is the largest urban park of the world and it has different attractions present in it that make it popular and famous, like Griffith observatory, LA zoo, the Autry, Greek theater etc.The sixth place is Beverly Hills, famous for its restaurants and shops, along with that the Rodeo Drive, a scaled down version of the New York’s fifth avenue with palm trees also attract a large number of tourists. The seventh position goes to the Santa Monica Pier that opened up in 1909 and is still in business. It is one of the most visited places by the adults and children alike. The pier houses different restaurant, rides, shops, fish market, a giant aquarium and many more things. Standing at the eighth position is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which collects art that spans both, the history and the geography, hence, with this art work, it also represent the uniquely diverse population of LA. The ninth most rated place is the Disneyland that was established in 1955 and since then has attracted a huge amount of kids and teenagers.These were just some of the top tourist attraction present in LA. As of today the record shows that there are a total of 333 tourist attractions in the city.Source: Free Articles from


Visit worcester taxi to logan airport, logan taxi

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Smart Solar Power Market 2016: Global Industry Insights, Statistics, Study and forecasts to 2022

Global Market Research Report on Smart Solar Power Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth complete study on the current state of the Smart Solar Power worldwide.

Solar power refers to technology that harvests sunlight and utilizes it for various purposes such as electricity generation, heating, desalination of seawater etc. Smart solar power is an advanced form of the traditional solar energy system.

The smart solar power market is in its nascent stage, as there is a high demand for energy management solutions and monitoring devices across various industry verticals. The report showcases the various services & solutions provided by the technology. Mechanized meters, monitoring platforms and usage in analytics & IT are the key drivers of the smart solar power market. Companies operating in this intensely competitive market are adopting product launch as a developmental strategy to gain competitive edge. Companies such as HCL and GE Energy are introducing novel products such as smart solar mobile phones, protronix power boxes etc.

Get Free Sample Report Of Smart Solar Power Market :

Although the market is in its nascent stage, automated solutions for smart solar power have resulted in a broad array of potential applications in various fields such as government, education, healthcare, agro-industry, logistics, utilities, transportation and constructions. The global smart solar power market can be segmented based on components, solutions, services, end-users, and geography. Companies which are currently providing smart solar power solutions are Aclara Software, GE Energy, ABB, Calico Energy Services, HCL Technologies, Siemens and Echelon Corporation.

Key Benefits

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The global smart solar power market is segmented into components, solutions, services, end users and geography.






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Digital Transformation openbusinesscouncil summit Features Ministers of Japan, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Special Online Masterclasses on Impact on COVID-19 and Challenges of 4IR, Society 5.0, DeFi, AI, Blockchain and FinTech

Digital Transformation openbusinesscouncil summit Features Ministers of Japan, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Special Online Masterclasses on Impact on COVID-19 and Challenges of 4IR, Society 5.0, DeFi, AI, Blockchain and FinTech

Press Release

updated: Nov 26, 2020 08:00 GMT

  • ​Naokazu Takemoto, Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy of Japan
  • Som Parkash, Union Minister of State, Commerce and Industry, Government of India
  • Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Communications of Malaysia
  • Summit on Dec. 9 and 10 and a Masterclass on Dec. 11, 2020

The openbusinesscouncil summit is a leading three-day global virtual event that aims to strengthen businesses, startups and governments with digital transformation strategies and how to deal with the economic challenges and technology disruption arising from COVID-19.

The three-day summit provides access to a unique audience of 100+ leading global speakers from over 30 countries and a direct reach of 10,000 participants and an indirect reach via digital streaming in social media that reaches around 10 million people. The participants include potential partners and clients, leading global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, startup organisations, accelerators, investors, authors and governments.  

The summit has a solid focus on businesses and governments’ digital transformation strategies and it will provide a road map of solutions, covering opportunities of how to work and collaborate as governments, businesses, cities, citizens and nations move forward with 4IR – Society 5.0. The summit will provide an international business and brand exposure through its media partners. 

The curators of the event​ Dinis Guarda and Hilton Supra, founders of and and leading personalities on 4IR, AI, blockchain and smart cities, say: 

“With businesses and startups facing uncertain times, a recession, drop in sales and limited funding, the openbusinesscouncil summit will address today’s most pressing challenges with digital transformation solutions and what’s next for industries, cities, governments and businesses.”

The openbusinesscouncil summit program includes leading speakers, VCs and entrepreneurs in Digital Transformation, AI, Blockchain, COVID-19 Impact, Smart Cities, Automation, Fintech, Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Corporate Innovation, and more. 

The program offers keynote and panels with speakers, ministers and representatives of European Union, Malaysia, Pakistan, Mauritius, Portugal, Scotland and UK; World Smart City Forum with global influencers and academics such as Debra Ruh, Yu Xiong, Antonio Santos and Efi Pylarinou; and representatives from InvestHK, MDEC, UNESCO, Tencent, Siemens, SOSV, Hyundai and Deloitte, as well as many of the biggest VCs, Fintechs and fastest-growing startups.

The openbusinesscouncil is a leading global digital business directory, certification and marketplace, created by ztudium group’s team of leading business experts and global thought leaders with decades of experience, working with governments, investment companies, business networks, tech ecosystems and universities. The openbusinesscouncil offers a digital business directory submission and blockchain AI certificate for businesses and professionals.

Media Contact:
​Serafima Semkina
openbusinesscouncil summit

Source: openbusinesscouncil

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Introducing House X: The Smart Home Marketplace™

Introducing House X: The Smart Home Marketplace™

Brokerage delivers unprecedented value to homebuyers, reducing total cost of ownership

Press Release

updated: Nov 24, 2020 09:00 EST

​​​​House X™, a consumer-focused residential real estate online marketplace and network of affiliated brokerages, today announced the launch of its smart home marketplace and pilot program “The New American Dream Showcase of New Homes” in California, Florida, Georgia and Texas. The event features the largest collection of available new homes in these four states, with additional states coming in 2021. House X aims to increase the ease of home shopping with an emphasis on providing more available homes for sale, convenience, better data and unmatched value to consumer homebuyers.​

What You Need to Know:

  • Consumers can now search the largest and most current collection of new homes for sale at – convenient, safe, fast and more informed home shopping, from anywhere at any time.

  • House X realty only represents home shoppers and buyers – not home sellers – which means there are no inherent conflicts of interest. This structure empowers House X™ to negotiate on behalf of the homebuyer.

  • House X realty clients receive two to five years of free renewable electricity with any new home purchase – at zero cost; and a full one percent discount for the first 12 months of a special 30-year fixed-rate mortgage.

  • Location is among the most important factors consumers consider when purchasing a home; as such, the House X Report™ contains over 250 data insights including location, school, crime, real estate values and lifestyle – for any property address in America and helps House X clients make more informed purchase decisions.

The innovative brokerage only represents the buyer and aims to decrease the cost to own, operate, protect and maintain a home over time. As such, House X negotiates the home purchase contract and enables its customers to make more informed decisions through its proprietary House X Report™. The firm offers incentives including a one percent discounted mortgage for the first 12 months and free renewable energy.

Managing partner William Farrell speaks to the mission of House X and its customer-focused approach. “We are not only a one-stop-shop for homebuying but a true partner throughout the journey,” Farrell said. “We aim to empower our customers, expand their buying power and extend support at a time when it’s needed the most.”

The launch comes at a time of historic low interest rates and, as a result, depleting new home inventory across the country. The House X pilot program is now available in the states of California, Florida, Georgia and Texas, showcasing over 30,000 new energy-efficient smart homes with over 10,000 available for quick move-in; the firm offers home shoppers quick pre-qualification and comprehensive neighborhood reports with over 250 crucial data points and provides free renewable energy for two to five years for its clients.

“We designed House X to put customers first – bringing our customer obsession to an industry that can have inherent conflicts of interest and is confusing,” said Pete Avery, Chief Marketing Officer, House X. “We work hard behind the scenes to handle complications seamlessly so home shoppers can understand their options, search for homes, have more information about the location and receive unmatched value of free renewable electricity and a below-market fixed-rate mortgage.”

Learn more about House X and its pilot program at

About House X

HOUSE X™ is a consumer-focused residential real estate brokerage network and Smart Home Marketplace. The company empowers homebuyers with real-time listing information and better data to help them make more informed purchase decisions. The House X website features more new homes for sale, in market areas, than any other online source. House X only represents homebuyers and partners with its clients by leveraging its negotiating power on their behalf while also providing free 100% renewable electricity for 2-5 years, at zero cost to the homebuyer. House X will then help transform the home into a Smart Zero Energy Home that costs less to own, operate, protect and maintain. The company invests and helps operate licensed real estate brokerage companies in California, Florida, Georgia and Texas. House X plans to expand to 20 additional states in 2021. The company serves as the primary manager of The New American Dream Pilot Project featuring over 30,000 available new smart homes valued at over $10 billion. House X is guided by four principles: customer-first obsession, passion for innovation, delivering unmatched value to our clients, and protecting the environment now and for the future.

For more information, visit and

House X License 82-4439324; California License CA DRE 01914791; Florida House X License CQ1061404; Florida Broker License BK347592; Georgia House X License 78380; Georgia Broker License 40541; Texas House X License 9009470; Texas Broker License 405419.

PR Contact
Amy Kauffman​​

Schedule an interview directly with House X

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Published at Tue, 24 Nov 2020 14:00:00 +0000


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Smart Circuit Breaker Market 2016: Global Industry Demand, Segment, Statistics and Research to 2021

Global Market Research Report on Smart Circuit Breaker Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth complete study on the current state of the Smart Circuit Breaker worldwide.

The ‘Global and Chinese Smart Circuit Breaker Industry, 2011-2021 Market Research Report’ is an in depth and systematic study of the present state of the global Smart Circuit Breaker market along with the past trends and performance of the market with special attention given to the Chinese market. The report contains key statistic and factual data on the performance of the market in different economic situations for last few years.

The report covers the manufacturers and other factors and contributors of the global and Chinese Smart Circuit Breaker market along with their individual performances, revenue, R&D investments, production value, capacity and other valuable information. The data available in this report will give readers all the details and in sight view of the Global and Chinese Smart Circuit Breaker market which will help the reader or companies interested in this market to understand and fathom the depth of the industry along with its probable future.

Get Free Sample Report Of Smart Circuit Breaker Market:

Through the analytical data the report is delivering the market information in the context of capacity, raw materials used, production value, cost/profit, supply demand , import/ export by considering global and Chinese Smart Circuit Breaker market.

The data is available in the report which carries an estimation of 2016-2021 Global and Chinese Smart Circuit Breaker market. The market is further divided on the basis of regions, applications, type, individual performers of the market.

The analysis is being done on the status of key players of the Global and Chinese Smart Circuit Breaker market. These key players are studied in detail to give readers an idea about their performances in the market so far, their capital status, strategies used by them to sustain in the market, their probable actions and what are they expecting in future from the market.

In the end report makes some important future proposals and guide reader about the probable profit making actions that can be taken.

Get Full Table Of Content (Index) Of Smart Circuit Breaker Market:

Table Of Content Of Smart Circuit Breaker Market:

Chapter One Introduction of Smart Circuit Breaker Industry
1.1 Brief Introduction of Smart Circuit Breaker
1.2 Development of Smart Circuit Breaker Industry
1.3 Status of Smart Circuit Breaker Industry

Chapter Two Manufacturing Technology of Smart Circuit Breaker
2.1 Development of Smart Circuit Breaker Manufacturing Technology
2.2 Analysis of Smart Circuit Breaker Manufacturing Technology
2.3 Trends of Smart Circuit Breaker Manufacturing Technology

Chapter Three Analysis of Global Key Manufacturers
3.1 Company A
3.1.1 Company Profile
3.1.2 Product Information
3.1.3 2011-2016 Production Information
3.1.4 Contact Information
3.2 Company B
3.2.1 Company Profile
3.2.2 Product Information
3.2.3 2011-2016 Production Information
3.2.4 Contact Information
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About Intense Research

Intense Research provides a range of marketing and business research solutions designed for our client’s specific needs based on our expert resources. The business scopes of Intense Research cover more than 30 industries includsing energy, new materials, transportation, daily consumer goods, chemicals, etc. We provide our clients with one-stop solution for all the research requirements.

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