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An insight to the best hotels in Aurangabad: The ancient city

Head to the magnificent city of Aurangabad in your next holidays; choose the best hotels in Aurangabad as your accommodation option; explore and experience the beauty, culture, art, and history of the city.


When it comes to the ancient tourist destinations, India is among the top nations housing several medieval tourist destinations, which are still as grand and fascinating as they once were. Among the nation’s huge array of ancient tourist destinations, is the city of Aurangabad. Named after the great Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, this city is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the nation. As an ancient tourist destination, the city is a utopia for history buffs and explorers.

It is said that this city was the dream destination of Aurangzeb, and was founded by him is 1610. Today, it resides in the state of Maharashtra, and is one of the four most significant cities in the state. Interestingly, the city today is heading quickly in the path of industrial growth, but it still hasn’t let go of its past glory, history, charm, heritage and culture. It is a culture rich city highly influenced by the Muslim culture and to some extent by Hindu culture. The influence of these cultures can be easily seen in the language and cuisines in the city. People here are sweet-tongued and the cuisines are much like Mughlai; complemented with the influences of spices and fragrance of herbs.

It is among the handful of tourist destinations in the country which is heavily crowded by international tourists. The Ajanta Caves is the one attraction that leads the list. It is a world heritage site and is known for the mural paintings, depicting the life Gautama Buddha and his deities. The cave is still an amazing site to visit, and its paintings are still fresh and glowing. Besides the Ajanta Caves, the other equally popular tourist site is the Ellora Caves. The caves spread over 2 km in area and consists of 34 caves representing 3 different religions. In addition to these, the other must visit sites include: Devgiri Fort, Bani Begam Bagh, Ghrishneshwar Temple, Khuldabad, Pitalkhora Caves, Bibi ka Maqbara, Panchakki, Soneri Mahal, History Museum, Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum, Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary, H2O Waterpark, and Siddharth Garden.

Aurangabad is also known for its hospitality, and the hotels in Aurangabad are the perfect places to relish the city’s hospitality. The hotels here cater to every budget traveller. From the ultra-luxury hotels to the very affordable hotels, the city houses all. Some of the most popular hotels in the city include:

That were the two most-popular hotels in Aurangabad. SimplyPsychology Articles, head to this fascinating ancient city for an unforgettable trip.

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Top restaurants list- Finding the best restaurants in the city can differ from person to person

Whether it is Continental, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Pan
Asian or authentic Indian, you can be sure to find a restaurant that
meets your needs perfectly here. With the wide variety available, the
real problem arises in making a dining decision when surrounded by the
numerous choices spread out before you that can be found all over the

Mumbai’s top restaurants list

Truth be told, there are several restaurants that make the cut in
this list and choosing even from those can be difficult. Even if you
check out your options online, you can be sure to find a wide choice of
which will definitely differ from one person to the next. While many
will argue that some of the best restaurants in the city are those that
are located in the fine 5 star hotels, there are those that will choose
the less high end ones for their all round offerings of quality food at
quality process. There are a number of things that you would have to
take into consideration when it comes to choosing the top 10 restaurants in Mumbai.
This is mainly due to the fact that the city offers restaurants that
specialize in different cuisines. There are restaurants that offer
multiple cuisines to meet every taste.

A great way to narrow down your top 10 restaurants in Mumbai is
probably by separating them based on price ranges or cuisines. The city
is filled with a countless local restaurants that offer authentic Indian
fare at different price ranges. While most are targeted to fit into the
budget of everyone, there are a select few that offer a high end spin
on North Indian and South India food, making it a more lavish affair.
Then there are those multi cuisine restaurants that cater to the pockets
of the average working person or the younger crowd, making them popular
among that particular population. Finally there are the fine dining
restaurants that cater to the more high-end crowd that does not mind
splashing the cash for a fancy dinner or lunch. These restaurants are
rather popular and often rank in the top restaurants list in the city for most people who have sampled their fares.

Choosing the best restaurants in the city is not only about the
quality of the food offered. There are many other elements that are
taken into consideration about the restaurant like the ambience,
interiors, service and price that make it a favorite among the masses.
For instance, a fine dining restaurant could well be a preferred choice
for many to dine at even if it is expensive, provided the overall
experience is worth the price. Similarly, many people would shun a
restaurant even if it was the most pocket friendly, but did not offer
good quality food or service. With all thesePsychology Articles, finding the best
restaurants in the city differs from person to person.

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Durham Reviews And Tips


Durham is ranked as the eighth largest city of the United States and is situated in the state of California. The city has the perfect location of being located on the coast of Pacific Ocean near the Mexican border. The city enjoys a mild weather due to the wind and the sea breeze that flow from the place. As it is located near the Pacific Ocean, it has strong relationship with the U.S navy and one of the harbors of U.S is also in this area which is considered as the deepest one in all the other harbors.The city has a very interesting history. It was first discovered by Europeans, after which it became a part of Mexico. After a war that was fought by US with Mexico, Durham entered in the list of the US. The city is termed as the most developed among all of the other and is considered as the metropolitan place of the country. Durham specializes in activities related to defense and military as it is situated near the border of Mexico, the country from which US won Durham. The city envelops entertainment and soothing environment which attracts the tourists from all over the world to explore this place therefore it is also considered as the city which brings in finance for the country through tourism. The deepest harbor which is constructed in Durham makes it the most perfect place for doing international trade and also saves the economic cost. There are many researches that have been posted on the websites by the authors that are affiliated with the University of California. This most pronounced university is located in the region of Durham which is connected with the Medical Centre of University of California. This university spreads over a large area of land and incorporates a large array of plants, which makes it feasible for the researchers to conduct their biotechnological research over here. The city incorporates many famous and the most entertaining places for the tourists. The beaches such as the Balboa Park and Belmont amusement park are worth watching places of this city. The city offers three forms in which the animals can be observed. One of the most famous is the Durham Zoo and the other is the Safari park. The city also offers a large aquarium named by Sea World Durham where numerous animals that live under water are visible. The relationship of Durham and its Spanish heritage is visible in the places like Mission Durham De Alcala. The business of cruise ships is well developed in this city. Various companies target this place for launching their cruise business hence it is ranked as the city with the second largest cruise ship business in the state of California. The most famous cruise lines Princess, Celebrity and Crystal operate from this city. The most well-known company that operates throughout the world, LG, has its headquarters situated in this city.Source: Free Articles from


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Ho Chi Minh City street hawkers

Ho Chi Minh City street hawkers get their own marketplaces for trade activity

Some public areas in town will be assigned for the hawkers according to an announcement by the government authorities in Ho Chi Minh City. The implementation of this plan shall begin at the end of April 2016th. All hawkers from District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City will then need to go for doing their business in fixed certain roads.

The selected areas for this pilot project are located in Ben Nghe Ward. It involves the sidewalk of the road Nguyen Van Chiem and the crossing of the streets Hai Ba Trung and Pham Ngoc Thach. A third planned location is the road Ton Duc Thang in Bach Dang Harbour Park at the former Saigon Industrial and Commercial Bank. These areas have sufficiently broad sidewalks. This ensures that traders and passersby not impede the traffic and are not endangered by it. The trade shall be organized at this model in specified time frame according to the requirements of the people. Initially are planned two market times daily. The first time window for the markets of the hawkers shall be from 06:00 to 08:00 in the morning and the second from 11:00 to 13:00 at noon.

Mr. Tran The Thuan who is the chairman of the District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City said thereto: “This model will help to act against the loss of a beautiful street image by the uncontrolled appearance of hawkers. To concentrate the hawkers mainly in certain areas shall also create new jobs and it increases the safety in the town.”

The sellers should therefore also be involved into this model. They will by this way be trained at food hygiene, general hygiene, waste management and more communication skills. The ripping off of customers by the street vendors will be more difficult in addition. The reason is the variety of sellers for same products at a concentrated location. It is expected that all major products will be sold on based list prices.

According to the People’s Committee of District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City exists there currently a special priority for hawkers from this area at the municipality. Primarily it is valid for those hawkers in difficult economic and family situations. Hawkers from other regions of the city are temporarily excluded from registration for this model.

– hawkers are a part of Vietnamese culture

The sights of hawkers or street vendors with their old bicycles or the yoke on the shoulders are very familiar for the people in Vietnam. Since long time this belongs for the Hanoiese and Saigonese equally to the daily streetscape.

For example is unconsciously accepted by every Vietnamese the existence of coffee shops and breakfast restaurants on the sidewalks doesn’t matter they are executive officers or common people or even celebrities. In fact there are among these restaurants many which are exists for decades and are operated by people in the second or even third generation. Many of the Vietnamese who have left the country often reminds of the images of street vendors and they are returning to Vietnam to brush up almost forgotten memories.

The yoke which is used by many of the hawkers to transport their goods has its origins at the countryside. No one can remember when it was seen for the first time in the cities. However it is now an indispensable component in the big cities. Any attempt to remove the hawkers from the sidewalks in the cities will be therefore, doomed to failure.

The image of the simple business model of hawkers is not only firmly anchored in the memory of the people here but rather also leaves a lasting impression on foreign visitors of Vietnamese cities. Street vendors make a decisive contribution to bridge the distance between visitors and the strange city as well to be closer to each other. Wearing of the yoke is associated by many foreign visitors as inseparable from Vietnam and is therefore indispensable for the Vietnamese tourism and its reputation throughout the world.

– hawkers and the civilized city

Despite the long-standing cultural tradition of hawkers in Vietnam the dark side of their businesses should be mentioned. Hawkers block often the walkways so that passersby have to switch on streets and thus expose themselves to the dangers of road traffic. Besides the beautiful images of street vendors there are also those of sleazy and unhygienic subjects which contribute to the loss of aesthetic streetscape. Unfortunately some of the street vendors also operating on illegal businesses such as drug trafficking. In recent years the authorities have in many places prohibited the business of hawkers but the situation was not significantly changed due to lack of alternative places. The aim was to create a civilized, clean, beautiful and modern atmosphere in the town. The way of implementation however was unfortunately exaggerated and led rather to unsatisfactory results. It became downright like hunting on hawkers which often escalated into violence. Hawkers were thrown to the groundFeature Articles, bound at hands and foots and arrested through government security forces as well their goods were confiscated. This depressed numerous passersby and locals which were eyewitnesses such dramatic actions.

The problem for the state authorities is that the hawkers increasingly represent the impoverishment of society and thus leave a bad image of Vietnam in the world arise. The hawkers belong to the lowest class of society and all these people want to survive and earn their daily living expenses. This seemed to be for the city state and the authority leaders of the city since years an insoluble problem. With the new pilot project now both problems should be solved. By providing specified locations in firstly the hawkers should be disappear from the cityscape. Secondly for the traders should retain the possibility of acquiring their livelihood. Planned is this measure currently only for the district 1 in Ho Chi Minh City and the future will show whether the project will become successful or not. There are perhaps soon such marketplaces throughout the city but this depends on the success of the project which will be decisively determined by the willingness of the hawkers.

25.04.2016: Silvia Huynh – ITI-HOLIDAY

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Tourism And Education In Seattle


The city of United States of America Seattle is a very good place for the tourism purpose, the city of Seattle is very beautiful and have many exciting and wonderful things within itself that attracts the people for the tourism thing and due to this many people gets attracts of it and comes here for recreation and spending out their vacations in a good and nice place. The climate of the city also plays an important role in the tourism factor of that city because if the climate of that city would be cool and pleasant then only people would come there because they like to spend their vacations mostly at cool places or places like hill resorts because that thing provides them more comfort as compared to sunny days. So the climate of the city of Seattle is quite pleasant so people can come here for recreation whenever they want to and not only this the city of Seattle have many beautiful places in itself and many kinds of exciting events also take place over here which increase the excitement level of the tourist whom comes here for their vacations.The city of Seattle has many parks and beaches as well where there is always crowd of people who always come there for fun and enjoyment. There are water parks too, many luxurious community centers where the person could have all the facilities which can make his joy, enjoyment and fun at its peak then there are luxurious hotels and bars as well for the people comfort and easiness. The city of Seattle is a complete package for having your vacations been spent at the perfect place where you can enjoy at your peak with each and every thing which you desire to visit or have it for making your vacations exciting for yourself. Well this tourism thing also helps a lot in the maintaining the economy of the city and it also makes it famous among the cities of United State of America. The education system of the city of Seattle is also very impressive and it holds a significant place among the United State of America as it hold the strongest percentage of having better and improved quality schools, colleges and higher universities whose degrees are recognized all over the world and people from all over the world comes there for acquiring education in there universities.The city of Seattle also has many other education centers as well and private schools too for the people benefits, where as there are also many libraries in the city providing them with various kind of information all the time without any hesitation. Well this education thing and the tourism thing of the city of Seattle both are very much prominent in their work and are highly appreciated and recognized all over the United States because of their effective attitude and marvelous places which makes the people attracts towards them that they come for them each year for enjoyment. Among the famous cities of the United States the city of Seattle holds a very prominent and significant status.

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Boston Events – Go Down and Party in the Bean Town City

 If you have never been to Boston, also called “Bean Town” then you owe it to yourself to go. There is always something cooking in Boston and many of the historic sites as well as annual events are close to the city center. Much of what takes place in Boston does so at Faneuil Hall Marketplace or the Boston Common, which is the largest park in Boston.

Some of the Boston city events that you can partake in when you visit this city in Massachusetts include the following.

If you have never been to Boston, also called “Bean Town” then you owe it to yourself to go. There is always something cooking in Boston and many of the historic sites as well as annual events are close to the city center. Much of what takes place in Boston does so at Faneuil Hall Marketplace or the Boston Common, which is the largest park in Boston.

Some of the Boston city events that you can partake in when you visit this city in Massachusetts include the following.

Founder’s Day

Founder’s Day is not just a day, but a weekend of celebration and re-enactment of events that took place prior to the Revolutionary War. Founder’s Day celebrations are held during the second weekend of November and include a mock debate at Faneuil Hall Center about whether the colonies should seek independence as well as the famous ride of Paul Revere that takes place from the Hall to the House of Paul Revere. This is one event that you will not want to miss when you visit the city of Boston.

Caroling in the Common

Each Sunday in December, bring your voice to the Boston Common where you can sing Christmas Carols in the center of the Common. Caroling in the Common is open to anyone who wants to join in the festivities and is a free event. The Boston Common is also alive at this time of the year with ice skating, hot chocolate and hot chestnut vendors. If you visit Boston during the winter months, you will enjoy Caroling in the Common each Sunday during December.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day and no where will you feel more Irish than in Boston. Boston is home to many Irish Americans and there are many events that take place throughout the city on this day. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one, and you can also participate in the annual Cheers St. Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbage dinner at the Cheers restaurant located in Faneuil Hall. You can also visit the site of the exterior of Cheers, the long running and much loved television show, on Beacon Hill. Many of the Pubs in the area serve green beer for this event and also feature corned beef and cabbage.

Bean Town Days

The great baked-bean bake off takes place every Memorial Day weekend at the Boston Common. The Bean Town Days also features a fair with craft vendors and a carnival. You can enter your own baked beans into the contest for the best baked beans in a variety of different categories when you visit Bean Town Days. See how Boston got its name if you happen to be in the city during Memorial Day weekend.

Esplanade Art Festival

The Esplanade Art Festival is held the first Saturday of August and features the art work of some of the finest local artists. Whether you are looking for original art or just want to browse, you can find it when you visit the Esplanade Art Festival annual event every August. Other art events are held at the Fogg Art Museum and Harvard University Art throughout the year.

Boston is a very historic city that features events that all will enjoy. No matter what time of year you decide to visit BostonPsychology Articles, there is sure to be some event taking place.

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Holiday Inn Express Hyderabad Banjara Hills

Our hotel is conveniently located in the upscale Banjara Hills. It is a smart choice for all the smart travelers looking for a comfortable stay. We have 170 rooms which have plush duvets, mattresses, beds and soft & firm pillows. We offer all-inclusive Express Start Breakfast or Grab & Go and In-Room Dining. Recharge throughout the day with refreshing all-day snack menu at The Great Room which is our all-day dining restaurant or you may order your choice of food from our 24-hour Room Service Menu. Great Room in the Lobby Level on 2nd Floor with the seating capacity of 56 guests at a time. The Breakfast Buffet is available from 06.30 am to 10.30 am. We also offer complimentary superfast free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

The hotel is Just 6 kms away from The US Consulate 7-minute walk from City Centre Mall and within 2 kms of city’s tourist attractions like Jalavihar Waterpark, Hussain Sagar Lake and Ravindra Bharathi Auditorium.

Local Attractions & Travel

Being located in the heart of the city it sure is the smart choice for smart travelers looking for a comfortable and hassle-free stay. The Hotel is centrally located and surrounded by major City Centre Malls, Local Tourist attractions like Indira Park, Lumbini Park, KBR Park, and The Birla Science. Pearls are available at leading jewelry shops across Hyderabad city but my recommendation is to go to the old city to pick one of the most favorite Hyderabad Souvenirs. Popularly known as the ‘Choori Bazaar’, this is one of the best street shopping. Located quite near to Moti Chowk, this is the best perfume (ittar) market, Pearls, Accessories, Jewellery, Ethnic Clothing are the popular attractions.

In India, we give our guests an elevated brand experience with presence in strategic locations across key cities and hotels that are designed for success. Intelligent room designs, signature bedding, dynamic public spaces, enhanced F&B options, complimentary hot & hearty breakfast, free and fast Wi-Fi and friendly, efficient service making sure our guests are rested, recharged and ‘more than ready’.

Making It All Global

Holiday Inn Express Bengaluru Banjara Hills is just the accommodation you are looking for in the city. Let the smart travelers become a part of the InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) who is committed to delivering True Hospitality for everyone. We make our guests feel welcomed and valued, throughout the globe. We take care of our people and the communities we serve and do take pride in providing the highest quality of service. Choose any IHG hotel as they are unique and distinct in their own way. Whether it’s for fun, work or leisureComputer Technology Articles, IHG has a hotel specially designed for you.

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Controlled Products Systems Group Partners With Three New Manufacturers

Controlled Products Systems Group Partners With Three New Manufacturers

CPSG customers can now begin purchasing products from Nice, Automatic Systems and Roadshark

Press Release

updated: Aug 28, 2020 12:24 MDT

Controlled Products Systems Group (CPSG), the leading nationwide distributor of perimeter access control products, today announced it has partnered with Nice, Automatic Systems and Roadshark.

Incorporating this expanded line-up of access control products and solutions will allow CPSG to provide their customers an even broader range of products in their inventory. With Nice (formerly Micanan Systems), CPSG will begin distributing their Commercial line of Door Operators, expanding on their successful line of Residential and Commercial Gate Operators. Automatic Systems offers a wide range of barrier operators, vertical pivot gates, bollards, turnstiles and security doors. Roadshark manufactures a complete line of road spikes for Military, Police and Industrial Security applications. 

“As an industry leader in perimeter access distribution, CPSG is committed to providing our customers with premium, quality products that offer the latest in safety, security and technology,” said Brendan Lyons, President, CPSG. “By expanding our product offerings through new partnerships, our customers can easily access the products they need, when they need them. We are proud of these new partnerships and look forward to working closely with these manufacturers.”

Products from these manufacturers are available for purchase at any CPSG location or can be ordered online at

About Controlled Products Systems Group

Controlled Products Systems Group (CPSG) is the largest wholesale distributor of perimeter access control equipment in the U.S. With 36 locations, CPSG supplies equipment to authorized dealers from coast to coast. CPSG offers the highest quality, most widely recognized brands of access control products available on the market. The industry leader in product knowledge and technical support. For more information on CPSG’s products and services or to find a location visit

About Roadshark

Roadshark International Inc. manufactures a complete line of access control products for Military, Police and Industrial Security applications. 13 years of Continuous improvement has resulted in the development of reliable and durable spike barrier products. They also custom build equipment to meet their customers’ needs. Based in Winnipeg, Canada Roadshark ships their products throughout the world. For more information visit

About Automatic Systems

Automatic Systems is a world leader in the automation of secure entrance control. The company has been designing and manufacturing pedestrian and vehicle access systems for over 50 years. Offering a wide range of barrier operators, vertical pivot gates, turnstiles and security doors. For more information visit

 About Nice 

Nice group is an Italian multinational smart home and building automation company headquartered in Oderzo, IT, with operations in 24 countries. In 2019, Micanan Systems was acquired by the Nice group, which now offers a complete range of integrated and connected solutions from the gate to the garage door to inside homes and buildings. The company operates as Nice North America in the US and Canada with four divisions throughout the region: door, gate, screen, and smart security. Abode and HySecurity brands are also included in its portfolio and available in the region. 


Jamie Emerson
5000 Osage St. #500
Denver, CO 80221
O: 800.622.5335

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ZigBee Light Switch and dimmer are smart lighting devices designed with ZigBee interface, which enables users to control wirelessly by smart phone APP or remote controllers. In addition, it allows control from Ethernet once the gateway is configured to home network.

ZigBee is a smart home and internet of things control protocol based on 2.4GHz frequency band according to IEEE 802.15.4. A ZigBee network includes a coordinator, routers and end devices. Light switch and dimmer are end devices, to control them, a coordinator is required to add them to the network. Each system allows up to 50,000 devices, but a stable network supports around 200-300 devices. The transmission distance between every 2 devices can be up to 100m in free field indoor. You can control from anywhere of your house.


ZigBee allows consumers easy-to-use control over all their LED fixtures, light bulbs, remotes and switches which allows consumers to change lighting remotely to reflect ambiance, task or season, all while managing energy use and making their homes greener.


The Connected Lighting Alliance, comprising almost all the major global lighting vendors, has endorsed ZigBee Light Link as the preferred standard for residential lighting applications. This decision represents the first time an alliance of leading lighting companies has unanimously endorsed a common open standard for wireless lighting solutions. The control can be executed from smart phone APP, remote controller that added to the network or computer APP from internet.


There are various ZigBee light switch and dimmer available in the market, you can choose a suitable one depending on your light type and requirements. For AC input lamps, you have to choose AC-AC type. For DC input lights, DC-DC type can be the right choice, but you will need a power supply for the switch or dimmer. Products from different suppliers may not be compatible. Generally the ones which are certified by ZigBee Alliance will be more reliable and have universal compatibility.


Zigbee remote controllers are available with monochrome, dual color, RGB and RGBW to control corresponding lighting devices with switching ON/OFF, dimmingFind Article, CCT adjustment and RGB color adjustment functions. They are powered by built-in batteries. They can control the dimmer and switch once they are added to the network and bind with the light switch and dimmer.

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Smart Transformers Market 2016: Global Industry Insights, Statistics, Study and forecasts to 2022

Global Market Research Report on Smart Transformers Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth complete study on the current state of the Smart Transformers worldwide.

Smart transformer operates independently to regulate voltage, maintain contact with smart grid to permit remote access, and provide feedback in a power supply system. The remote access provided by smart transformers saves time and resources of users. An in-built monitoring function of smart transformers improves reliability by keeping a watch on critical components, such as winding, core, tap changer and others. Smart transformers protect electrical equipment from power fluctuations; reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, and improve efficiency of electrical appliances. It is eco-friendly and enables users to save money by utilizing energy efficiently.

Aging infrastructure, awareness about energy sources, and advancements in technology propel the growth of the world smart transformers market. However, access to affordable capital and cyber security & data privacy are factors obstructing the growth of the market. On the other hand, reformations in power sector and monitoring micro generators are creating opportunities in the market.

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The world smart transformers market is segmented based on type, application, and geography. On the basis of types, the market is further classified into power, distribution, specialty, and instrument. The applications discussed in the report are smart grid, traction locomotive, electric vehicle charging, and others. Geographically, the market is divided into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America, Middle East and Africa (LAMEA).

The prominent manufacturers operating in the market are Siemens AG, ABB Ltd., General Electric, Eaton Corporation, Alstom, Schneider Electric, Crompton Greaves, Howard Industries Inc, Gridco Systems, Alstom S.A., SPX Transformer Solutions Inc., and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. Approvals, agreements, collaborations, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, expansions, and others are some of the key strategies adopted by these companies to gain stronghold in the market.

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Market – By Type

Market – By Application

Market – By Geography


About Intense Research

Intense Research provides a range of marketing and business research solutions designed for our client’s specific needs based on our expert resources. The business scopes of Intense Research cover more than 30 industries includsing energy, new materials, transportation, daily consumer goods, chemicals, etc. We provide our clients with one-stop solution for all the research requirements.

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Global Smart Meters Market 2016: Industry Demand, Segment, Statistics and Research to 2022

Global Market Research Report on Smart Meters Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth complete study on the current state of the Smart Meters worldwide.

Smart Meters are devices for accurately monitoring gas and electricity meter usage that can send usage information via radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF) which helps the utility company to effectively manage the energy usage. Smart meters offer a host of benefits such as reduction of meter reading cost, removing inefficiencies in billing, preventing disconnection and re-connection costs to corporations and consumers.

Favorable government policies along with fiscal incentives is a key factor driving the smart meters market. Furthermore, large scale deployment of smart grid and the utility companies focusing on enhancing distribution efficiency are other factors boosting the market growth. High installation cost of smart meters borne by end-users is a factor hampering the growth of the smart meters. Various grid operators trying to effectively managing the demand for power offer ample growth opportunities for the smart meters to grow. Creating awareness among consumers along with bringing interoperability is a key market challenge that needs to overcome by key market players to gain a stronghold in the market. Furthermore, improper installation of smart meters is a major market challenge.

Get Free Sample Report of Smart Meters Market @

The report segments the world smart meters market on the basis of types, end-users and regions. On the basis of types, the market is segmented into smart electric meters, smart water meters and smart gas meters. Each of these segments is discussed on the basis of region also. On the basis of types, the market is segmented into industrial & commercial smart meters market and residential smart meters market and each of these segments is discussed on the basis of region as well. On the basis of geography, the market is segmented into Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (ROW).

The market is poised to grow at a significant rate in the North America driven by the huge market demand in the U.S. The country is focusing on upgrading and replacing outdated infrastructure, enabling grid reliability, and installing smarter power networks. The factors responsible for the market demand in North America is conducive government initiatives, consisting of proper allocation of funds and making smart meters mandatory in many states such as Texas and California.

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Key market players extensively profiled in the report include Elster Group, Itron Inc., Landis+Gyr, Schneider Electric SA, Siemens AG, Badger Meter , ICSA India Limited, Circuator SA , EDMI, Holley Metering Limited , Neptune Technology Group Inc., Sensus, and Honeywell International Inc.,


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Intense Research provides a range of marketing and business research solutions designed for our client’s specific needs based on our expert resources. The business scopes of Intense Research cover more than 30 industries includsing energy, new materials, transportation, daily consumer goods, chemicals, etc. We provide our clients with one-stop solution for all the research requirements.

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