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Space city Houston


Houston is a story teller of its past, its rich ancient history. Replete with glinting clubs, world class sports facilities and various entertainment options that is elevating tourism in the city. It is a perfect tourist spot which bids its visitors with all types of Vacations. Whether one plans to go out on a family trip or romantic lams, Houston is a complete entertainer and fits all your needs. It is often said as a multicultural city and reason behind this can easily be interpreted by the number of languages that are spoken here. Over ninety languages are spoken in this diverse city, which makes it a wonderful place to experience different cultures, traditions, lifestyles and trends. The city has the youngest populations in the nation which gives its surrounding a unlike juvenility touch.Known as the space city of America, Houston is a dwelling of the countries space exploration. The famous Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre is located here. It is an abode of NASA astronaut corps. You can have a day out here and know the hidden facts about this universe and how NASA astronauts actually work, for this you can book your cheap flight to Houston.  Apart from this space center the metropolis has many other worth inflicting spots, such as Bayou Place, Galleria Mall, Houston zoo, Kemah Boardwalk and Splash town, which take whole obligation of keeping you amused throughout your leisure trip.Houston exhibits many cultural institutions, shopping options and five star restaurants, which can add an extra fun to your stay. Shopping and accommodation in the city totally depends on your budget. You can find five star, big named hotels as well as small, budget- in hotels or you can fill up your bags with world celebrated brands or take stuff from local boutiques, the choice is up to you and your budget.Green coverage of the city with serene parks makes the metropolis the most soothing one in the territory. Houston has the third tallest skyline in North America and one of the top 10 in the world. Architecture of the buildings here is one of a kind, which makes every eye turn at least twice towards itself.Source: Free Articles from

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ANNKE Launches Full Upgrade on Security Camera Wires to Top 1 Safe UL-Listed Cables

ANNKE Launches Full Upgrade on Security Camera Wires to Top 1 Safe UL-Listed Cables

ANNKE will upgrade its security camera cables to the 100% UL-certified wiring for the whole analog security solutions, providing the fastest & most stable data transmission.

Press Release

updated: Apr 30, 2020 23:00 HKT

ANNKE today launches its first 100% UL-listed video/power cables — ANNKE W100 UL wiring, and announces the graduate full upgrade to the top 1 safe wires for analog security solutions.

ANNKE is always providing the most high-quality and safest products to customers globally. And the new UL-listed cabling embodies ANNKE’s pursuit of acme of high quality, making sure ANNKE’s products are super safe and secure from the top to the bottom — even just a single cable.

Why Customers Should Upgrade to UL-Certified Cables

ANNKE W100 UL analog video and power cables have endured over 10 severe tests by the Underwriter Laboratories, ensuring the cables are high-quality, super conductive, durable and meet every standard of a security camera wiring.

ANNKE UL cables are waterproof and made from high-quality PVC-45P materials, making sure the cable resistant to weather, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion. The cables can be wired between buildings, buried under the ground or fixed to the walls, just any installation scenario without limitations. The antiflame rating can prevent the spread of fire to protect the cables.

By upgrading the security camera wires to the UL-listed cables, customers can enjoy stable and fast power and data transmission without latency. The strongest compatibility enables the UL cables to work with almost all analog security cameras & systems, including 960H/720p/960p/1080p/3MP/ 4MP/ 5MP AHD/ CVI/ TVI systems, and ANNKE 4K analog security solutions.

In the near future, ANNKE will upgrade all of its security camera cables to the durable and safe UL-certified cables.

Join in ANNKE Giveaway on Top 1 Safe UL Cable

To mark the milestone of the UL wire launch, ANNKE launches a giveaway for the cables to provide a chance for customers to win the cables for free.

10 winners will win the 4-pack 100 ft UL-certified cables. Join in the giveaway here>>

Pricing and Availability

ANNKE W100 UL cables are available on its official online store with the retailing pricing of $38.99 for 4-pack cables.


ANNKE, one of the world’s most innovative smart security solution providers, aims to make the finest and best smart security cameras and systems accessible for every home and business owner worldwide. ANNKE’s deep expertise in product design, smart home connectivity and cutting-edge capabilities enable it to deliver the most seamless security solutions for users. ANNKE is always striving to develop innovative technology to provide customers with the easiest and the most straightforward security products.

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ZigBee is a wireless control solution for smart home based on RF/WiFi technology. It is a great solution for internet of things. With Zigbee, users can control all their home appliances, lighting devices, blinds, door locks, smoke detectors and so on by remotes or mobile phones even if they are away from home.

While used for lighting control, ZigBee is the language of connected lighting in homes and businesses. It is in innovative products that provide new ways to use light, improve comfort and convenience, and save energy.


There are three type of zigbee networks and the most popular one is mesh. A mesh network routes actively. A network shall consist of three types of devices, Coordinator (Gateway), Router and End Devices. the Coordinator (Gateway) plays the role of administrating the network tree and bridging to other network. Each network has only one Coordinator (Gateway) since it starts the network. It stores information about the network, including acting as the Trust Center & repository for security keys. As well as running an application function, a Router can act as an intermediate router, passing on data from other devices. The End Device contains just enough functionality to talk to the parent node (either the Coordinator or a Router); it cannot relay data from other devices. This relationship allows the node to be asleep a significant amount of the time thereby giving long battery life. A ZigBee End Device requires the least amount of memory. Zigbee remotes and lighting devices are end devices that should be added to network by the Coordinator (Gateway). Once added to the network, the remotes can control the lighting devices.


Zigbee remotes are available with monochrome, dual color, RGB and RGBW to control corresponding lighting devices with switching ON/OFF, dimming, CCT adjustment and RGB color adjustment functions. They are powered by built-in batteries. Zigbee lighting devices are available with dimmers and drivers, which may requires a AC-DC power supply.


With Zigbee, you can control your home lighting by mobile APP even if you’re away from home, since the APP does not directly send commands to the devices, it sends commands to a server firstFeature Articles, then the commands will be forwarded to the devices by  the server.

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Planning Your Holiday to Salzburg

It is important to be smart about booking your Salzburg airport transfers. The ‘salt fortress’ of Austria is an enchanting city to visit at any time. 

The fourth largest city in Austria, Salzburg has stood the test of time. While its name might conjure up images of mountains of salt and barren stone walls, any visitor, in summer or winter, is likely to be charmed by its fairy-tale cityscape.

With a multitude of activities to take part in, you will probably want to spend as little time as possible thinking about details like transfers from your flight and back. However, a clever booking plan can save you time, which can be spent on breathing in the atmosphere of the city.

What do you want to see?

While on the way to the centre of Salzburg, airport transfers afford you the time to revel in what lies ahead of you. A historic Alpine citadel, the birthplace of Mozart has seen various transformations from the Middle Ages until the present time, and its famous skyline and heritage has so much to offer the tourist. You can see it as a base for Alpine explorations, as a haven of Baroque beauty and serenity, as a historic testament to central European culture in its Alldstadt, or as a means to dive into Austrian culture on the banks of the Salzach. The key to booking your accommodation so as to make the most of your time in the city is to select which of these delights is to be your priority. Then you can book your transfer and settle yourself in a location that means you spend as little time stuck on the roads as possible.

What time of year will you travel?

When travelling to Salzburg, airport transfers can deliver you into the city at any time of the year. The season will, of course, influence the ease of travel and time consumed when getting to and from your flight. Whether you want to see the Hohensalzburg fortress glow purple during an autumn sunset, or enjoy a music festival ring against the backdrop of pristine snow, you should be smart and take the weather into account when booking your trip.

Which airport will you choose?

Salzburg airport transfers give you more options than the obvious. The obvious is, of course, a trip to and from the terminals in the city. Located just four kilometres from the city, the W. A. Mozart airport is a capable hub that will link you to many major European centres. But while this local hub is the second largest in Austria, Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport is the seventh largest in Europe by number of passengers. Being only 28 kilometres away from the Salt Fortress and needing only an hour an a half worth of driving to take you there, it may be more convenient for you to book your shuttle from here.

How will you pick the car company?

There are many affordable flights to the city, and there are also various companies offering Salzburg airport transfers. Once you have determined your trip and route, the next matter is to pick a reliable company. This comes down to price, experience and versatility of service. The best companies will give you a chance to organise much of your ride online. Being clever about your choice can save you from hassle and give you more time to enjoy this iconic Alpine centre.

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Boston The City That Awakes At Night


The real beauty of a city is seen when the sun sets. When it’s dark everywhere then the city itself makes it beautiful by its awesome and fabulous lighting and from its exciting and joyful activities. The real beauty of a city can only be witnessed when the night falls. In the morning people don’t look much excited but as the night appears the life and joy enters into the people and they come out to enjoy all over and release their tensions. People mostly like to have hangouts at nights as compared to the morning. This is because when it’s dark the excitement within the people also rises up and they move out of their houses and increase the beauty of the city.The city of Boston is a very awesome place and occupies an extreme fabulous location on the map of the world. The city of Boston is a very much nice place for the people to visit as this city has many places in it for enjoyment and excitement. This place was one of the most favorite locations in the history of the world for spending a perfect vacation. Even now also a lot of people do come here for spending their holidays and this tourism thing plays an important role in the enhancement of the economy of the state. As we talk about the climate of this city. The climate of this city is basically continental in nature, in others words it is humid continental type of climate which means that it depends upon the season which is going that days, in other words the summers of this city is basically warm and humid where as winters are mostly cold and snowy, where as the spring depends upon the winds blowing there at that time. The climate is very much pleasant due to which most of the people are attracted for their hangouts and perfect weekend holidays. Therefore the people mostly move out for hangouts at nights mostly because the weather is much cooler at that time.At night the most places which are visited and are the center of the attention for the people are the bars, casinos and dance clubs. There are large numbers of expensive bars where there are drinks of every kind and then some of the elite bars also do have dance floors for the person’s complete hangover. Then there are many luxurious hotels which provide you people with a very clean, comfortable and pleasant environment. By staying in these hotels you will enjoy the true comfort of luxurious life and elite lifestyle because the facilities they provide you are awesome. Then there are many dance clubs and casinos, where the people go at night and spend their whole night over there enjoying and having a perfect hangout.In simple words the night life of the city of Boston is really very awesome and you can have the most memorable moments of your life in this city.

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Smart Agriculture Market to Expand with Escalation in Concerns about Food Security

Smart agriculture market is driven by demand for improved income margins, North America dominates Smart Agriculture Market, Smart Agriculture Market grows with government concerns in agriculture sector

Smart agriculture involves agricultural practices that are carried out with the aid of internet of things (IoT), sensors, and other gadgets for increasing agricultural productivity. Smart agriculture also addresses food security and climate change challenges and benefits small farmers by increasing the efficiency and productivity of operations. Smart agriculture practices are beneficial for protecting ecosystems and landscapes thus helping conserve natural resources for future generations.

The report states that the global smart agriculture market has been showing rapid growth in the recent past. A persistent demand for higher income margins in the agricultural sector is one of the major reasons driving this market. The use of connected devices in agricultural practices, which has been promoted by government initiatives, is expected to fuel the growth of the smart agriculture market over the forecast period.

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However, the growth of this market is restrained due to certain factors. Smart agriculture is new, especially for small farmers in the emerging economies of India, China, and Brazil. In these countries, small farmers are not technology-savvy and still follow legacy farming practices. Smart agriculture also requires uninterrupted Internet connectivity, which is not available yet in remote areas.

In present times, technology is the backbone of operations in practically all walks of life from education to industry to agriculture to services. Transparency Market Research’s (TMR) study on the global smart agriculture market provides an in-depth analysis of how technology has been instrumental in taking agricultural practices to new heights. The report is titled “Smart Agriculture Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2024.”The report provides a comprehensive evaluation of the global smart agriculture market on the basis of qualitative insights, past performance trends and market size projections. The projections presented in this report have been derived from validated research methodologies and assumptions.

Market Insight can be Viewed @

The report segments the global smart agriculture market on the basis of type, application, and geography. By type, hardware, service, and solution are the segments of this market. The hardware segment is further sub-segmented into sensor monitoring systems, global positioning systems (GPS), and smart detection systems. The regional segments of this market are North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. Of these, North America is anticipated to lead the smart agriculture market. The region has a well-founded technology infrastructure combined with the presence of top-notch vendors for both installation and support services.

Some of to the top companies that operate in the global smart agriculture market are Cisco Systems Inc., AgJunction Inc., Trimble Navigation Ltd., Deere & Company, AGCO Corporation, Salt Mobile SA, SST Development Group Inc., Vodafone Group, Raven Industries Inc.Business Management Articles, and SemiosBio Technologies Inc. among others.


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Motorola Q smart phone from phoneandbeyond

The Smart phone Motorola Q includes several new features that improve usability and increase user productivity. It gives smart phone users the ability to instantly dial phone numbers, launch an Internet browser and send e-mail using stored information in Motorola Q. This smart phone will also include a 1.3 megapixel camera, a microSD card slot and high of built-in memory.

The Motorola Q was one of the most highly anticipated phones of the year before it came out, and for good reason. The Q is very slim and packs a lot of power under that sleek silver casing. Of course looks and size are important and the features such as memory, processor speed, applications, and overall functionality.  Since the Q has blue tooth, you can use a Bluetooth headset for hands free communication.

The Smart phone Motorola Q includes several new features that improve usability and increase user productivity. It gives smart phone users the ability to instantly dial phone numbers, launch an Internet browser and send e-mail using stored information in Motorola Q. When a Motorola Q document contains a phone number, URL or e-mail address and the user moves the cursor over it, the right button menu allows the user to dial the phone number, open the Web site or compose a new e-mail message with a single click of a button. With the latest version of Phone and beyond Smart phone Edition, Motorola Q users can now use the device’s thumbwheel to easily navigate through notes in list and edit views. The program’s user interface has also been optimized to improve appearance on Motorola Q’s landscape screen. In addition, the new note’s icon indicates if a note has attachments, giving users the ability to e-mail documents with voice notes.

The phoneandbeyond provider of easy to use powerful software products and professional services for the mobile and desktop computing marketplace. Phone and beyond specializes in handwriting recognition, digital ink, note taking, and database and network management software development. The Motorola Q  applications include for Calendar and Tasks, along with Internet Explorer, Messaging, Windows Media, File Manager, Pictures & Videos, Media Center, and of course the obligatory copy of Solitaire. The camera is terrible quality, the unit heats up by the ear when using the phone after just two or three minutes, if you have the internet ability there are charges that no one can explain.

The design of this upcoming device will be a noticeably changed from the current one. The keyboard will be curved, for example, and significantly larger. The oval D-pad will also be changed to a circle. This smart phone will also include a 1.3 megapixel camera, a microSD card slot and high built-in memory. The only version of the original Motorola Q runs on CDMA networks. The Motorola Q will essentially be a GSM version of this device, with support for the 2.0G networking standard EDGE. The Motorola Q has a tablet designFree Articles, with a 320-by-240-pixel screen above a backlit QWERTY keyboard. Please purchase online for more details.

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The beautiful Pink City awaits you

Rajasthan and its capital city have an extraordinary beauty. The charming Pink city have its own essence. Here is a short depiction of the Pink City.

The airport is toward the south of the present day Jaipur at Sanganer. Sanganer is around 12 km away and flights are open from all the cities. Flights from Bangalore are also available. For a cheap flight booking check, Bangalore to Jaipur flights page. The rail station is orchestrated on the west of the city. Shatabdi Express is an acclaimed train which relate various urban territories with Jaipur. While going from Delhi by road, you have to pass the old capital and the huge city Amber to reach Jaipur. October to March is the capable time to visit Jaipur.

Night tourism is right now a bit of Jaipur. Vacationers from all over the place all through the world utilize here to witness the shade of Jaipur around the differing time of a day.


Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is offered with gigantic heavenliness. It is the Pink City of India. With distinguished loftiness and brilliant legacies, it is a dynamic city. In light of present circumstances, after the sunset, there is a profoundly new world sitting tight for the visitors. Historic points, forts, possessed avenues, markets and, obviously, the occasion nightlife, it shows up Jaipur differently.

While moving down to the edges of the city and the remarkable purpose of interest, Amber Fort looks like a dream. Reflection on the Maota lake underneath is a photo to acknowledge for the lifetime. The lighting between the Hawa Mahal, Amar Jawan Jyoti, the dazzling Trimurti Circle and the Nahargarh Fort, all these are a segment of the beguiling pictures to encounter in the evening. Johari Bazaar is another attraction during this time. In this way, this the city that get excited with lights. The nature of Pink city after dusk is something past imaginative vitality. It can be best recognized when you visit the city.

In light of current circumstances, the Department of Tourism’s Pink City by Night transport visit is magnificent to research Jaipur in another shading.

From the routinely got Hawa Mahal to the enormous post in Amber, Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur is a dynamic city with various angles. On one side, the Pink city shimmers splendidly under the Sun and on the other the light after sunset makes the city more magnificent. Thusly, this event basically uses to Rajasthan and value the tints after nightfall.

Reaching this beautiful city is easy. As it is excellently connected with other cities. Different aviation is in the offer. You have to choose according to your budget. Go Air airlines are one such will help you with a fast reach to Jaipur. You can customise your tour according to your wish. There are several other places to enjoy and make your holiday more memorable. Jaipur is indeed a great city. And it provides both luxurious as well as a budget cheap to the tourists. So, this vacationPsychology Articles, plan a tour to Rajasthan and have a nice time!

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New Honda City 2012


Make heads turn while using the New Honda City Getting its enhanced looks, better fuel efficiency and augmented safety measures, the recently folded out Honda City is selecting a compact sedan for city driving.The Brand-new Honda City 2012 will probably be delivering thrills reduce your spine getting its commanding front face, sporting a totally new chrome grille and meaty front bumper styling. Inside the back, its curves are stressed by its up-to-date rear bumper plus a tail light redesign.This feast for the eyes stretches further getting its recently designed multi-spoke alloy rims that are bigger and sportier – simply mesmerising.The brand-new stylish center console handles the climate-conditioner, temperature and air-flow system.The idea of getting dominance over this machine is irresistible if you climb towards the cockpit to uncover a whole world of beautiful, chrome-layed out controls and push buttons. The Brand-new Honda City central console could be a pleasure to cope with, with new and trendy chrome dials to handle atmosphere-conditioner, temperature and ventilation system. Its triple meter cluster is illuminated with awesome blue lights that provide a sporty-tech appeal.Enjoy greater luggage space with seats that are retracting by as much as 60:40 split.Its light controls is responsive, getting you places with superb agility and manoeuvrability – permitted getting a great minimum turning radius of 5.0m and ideal change control.If you feel this edition within the City is basically a facelift, reconsider. Top-of-the-range safety measures balance its agility, obtaining a Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system to stabilise the vehicle in unforeseen situations or throughout tight cornering (Grade E variant only). Honda’s proprietary G-Pressure technology controls various forces upon impact, aiding to reduce injuries to people and people round the streets. Indeed, your people can inform of tip-top safety in your new City among plush new upholstery and soft padding within the spacious cabin. The brand-new rear center chair with three-point ELR chair items enables individuals to have a appropriate yet safe drive. The brand-new City provides bigger luggage space permitted getting its retracting rear seats that splits around 60:40.Travel popular while using the new sporty triple meter cluster lighted up in blue delivering better visibility within the odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption and range indication.Run by its signature 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine, the Honda City is well-famous for its sufficient fuel consumption without compromising engine output and atmosphere factors. Efficient driving is prioritised getting a totally new ECO indicator light that fires up when you’re driving effectively.The brand-new and attractive multi-spoke alloy rims will certainly attract attention.If you would like the hurry of beauty and agility coupled with assurance of safety and fuel efficiency, take a look within the brand-new Honda City, the most effective machine for city driving.* The Brand-new Honda City features a 5-year warranty with limitless mileage for clients who stick to the maintenance schedule. You may also enjoy around 6 occasions free service until 100,000km. Conditions and terms apply.Source: Free Articles from

More information on Honda City 2012 available at Honda Malaysia ‘s website

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The story of Smart Phones and Social Media

Smart-phones with their capability of installing customized apps are more popular than older multimedia or featured phones. People tend to choose smart-devices due to:

Social media is targeting this addiction of smart-phones by introducing their apps for different mobile platforms. Strategic deployment of mobile application development is integrating social media addiction with smart-phones and has been profiting both the sectors. Social media is taking its step towards smart-phones so as to allow users to connect with them all the time and improve their statistics. Even the mobile market has sensed this need and hence many mobile manufacturers are coming up with new mobile devices which either have a single push-button based devices to access social media or widget based phones, which embeds social media apps.

According to a report published by ComScore in March 2012, customer engagement on social media platform, Facebook, through a smart-device was more than 7 hours a day as compared to 6 hours from a desktop device. Likewise, Twitter account holders connects with their account for about 2 Hours a day, while the duration for same account was 20 min. approx from a desktop or laptop.

Smart City – a New 4IR Smart Cities Digital Platform for Reinventing and Uniting Cities, Universities and Citizens – a New 4IR Smart Cities Digital Platform for Reinventing and Uniting Cities, Universities and Citizens is created by global thought leaders, academics Dinis Guarda, Hilton Supra, Yu Xiong, Sally Eaves, Kiran J Fernandes, Jamal Ouenniche and 200+ subscribers. Every city needs to become a smart city, a smart society with a live digital platform where ideas, resources, tech, data, intelligence can be used.

Press Release

updated: Apr 24, 2020 18:00 BST

In light of the current global pandemic, city leaders and citizens are right to focus on dealing with the immediate coronavirus crisis, but what will help them to rebuild both socially and economically in the future?

An answer is emerging in the shape of a new global digital 4IR ‘Smart City’ collaborative project that will form a common resource for humanity’s largest urban centres and universities, which contribute 40% to 50% of global GDP – citiesabc.

The aim is to offer a simple-to-use, but powerful, integration platform that citizens, leaders, academics, and policymakers can use to connect multiple ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (4IR), Blockchain, Internet of Things, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and FinTech initiatives, so as to coordinate and support global recovery on a city-wide, social impact, decentralised, and neutral basis.

The citiesabc project is urging every major metropolis to join this coalition network to become a live digital P2P platform where ideas, resources, data, technology, apps, research and intelligence, via their universities, can be used to take the world out of the expected catastrophic slump in the global economy after COVID-19 is beaten.

“We need a new ‘Magna Carta’ for our greatest cities, a guide on how urban leaders and teams leading Smart City transformation projects can best use technology to help their communities and their struggling citizens,” Dinis Guarda notes. 

“Over half of the planet now lives in cities, and more than two-thirds of the world’s population will be urbanised by 2050, so the city is the true epicentre for all the challenges we are facing,” added Professor Yu Xiong, Chair of Technology and Operations Management at Newcastle Business School and a Fellow of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

”We created citiesabc to be a digital transformation platform to empower, guide and index cities,” highlights Hilton Supra, a leading financial and investment fintech entrepreneur and thought leader

The citiesabc team is calling for multinational coordination of knowledge and resources, so that citizens, leaders, and policymakers can quickly understand how to optimise, unite and support different stakeholder groups to find a new digital transformations global community that can create new solutions and data-driven initiatives in healthcare, tackling COVID-19 issues, circular economic Smart City narratives, resources and solutions to meet their particular needs.

The team is also proactively working across borders to build coalition networks and rapidly identify solutions to work in healthcare, smart cities, education, edtech, finance, fintech and social empowerment new models and solutions. 

citiesabc is powered by techabc and ztudium group

Media Contact

Serafima Semkina


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